Write a program

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This program will use two classes; one of the classes is provided in the assignment description for week 7 in the course site. Write a class name CashRegister, with the class declaration in a file called CashRegister.h and the implementation in a file called CashRegister.cpp. This class will interact with the InventoryItem class that has been provided. The program should display a list of items that are available to purchase.




The program will ask the user for the item and quantity being purchased. It will then get the cost of the item from the InventoryItem object. It will add 30% profit to the cost of the item to get the item’s unit price. It will then multiply the unit price times the quantity being purchased to get the purchase subtotal. The program will then compute a 6% sales tax on the subtotal to get the purchase total. It should then display the purchase subtotal, tax and total on the screen. The program will then subtract the quantity being purchased from the onHand variable of the Inventory Item class object. InventoryItem will need to be modified to handle this.

Validation: Do not accept a negative value for the quantity of items being purchased.