Wireless Network Vulnerabilities

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Complete the project on page 316 of the textbook by researching common wireless network vulnerabilities that affect an office building and the countermeasures used to negate those vulnerabilities. Then write at least a two page paper in current APA format that lists at least three vulnerabilities, how each can be used to break into the wireless network, and how the associated countermeasure can provide a proper level of security. You can also consider physical security countermeasures as part of this project. Write a one page paper in current APA format in which you briefly describe your home or a business wireless network and the countermeasures which are in place. 


Organization A is considering implementing a WLAN so that employees may use their laptop computers anywhere within the boundaries of their office building. Before deciding, however, Organization A has its computer security department perform a risk assessment. The security department first identifies WLAN vulnerabilities and threats. The department, assuming that threat-sources will try to exploit WLAN vulnerabilities, determines the overall risk of operating a WLAN and the impact a successful attack would have on Organization A. The manager reads the risk assessment and decides that the residual risk exceeds the benefit the WLAN provides. The manager directs the computer security department to identify additional countermeasures to mitigate residual risk before the system can be implemented. What are those additional countermeasures?