use TWINE to writing a stories with stories

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   please  email ALL TWINE FILES  to me 

Normally, I have you write a linear story in one assignment, then add choices to it in the second assignment. Variables get added in the third assignment. Because of our weird time crunch, I’m combining the first two assignments. This means that for our first assignment, you will be writing a story with choices in it.

· I’ve laid out the basics of using Twine in the attached Power Point, so review that before you get started.

· I recommend starting out with a linear story, making notes about where you might want to introduce a choice, and then go back and add in the choices. This keeps your stories a bit more organized. BUT…I’ve heard from other people who write and introduce the choices as they go, so do whatever works for you.

· I’m moving the due date back to this Sunday again, 11/10, at 5pm.

o In addition to submitting your Twine files to D2L, please also email ALL TWINE FILES directly to me! D2L will mess them up and makes the file un-open-able for me. 

Great, but what should we write about? Some of us are not the “creative writing” type (me, to be specific). Well, here are a few tips on getting started:

· Ever hear of reddit? Use /r/WritingPrompts. ( This site contains a virtually endless supply of ideas with which to start your story.

· Use Google. Literally do a Google search for “story ideas”. This will give you an equally endless supply of writing prompts.

· Use personal experience. I’m sure that there are a lot of interesting things that you have experienced thus far in your life. Use those as a foundation for your story.

· If you used a writing prompt, please cite it.

That’s it for now. It’s good to be back on D2L, and that should make things much easier as the course goes forward.