unit 12

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Assume that you are beginning your last semester of college before graduating. Using

information about your education, work experience, and so on, prepare a résumé in an

effective format.


1. How will you word your name at the top of your résumé—for example, with or

without any initials?

2. What is the title of your degree? The name of your college? The location of the

college? Your major and minor? Your expected date of graduation (month and


3. What is your grade-point average overall and in your major? Is either one high

enough to be considered a selling point?

4. Have you received any academic honors, such as scholarships or being named

to the dean’s list? If so, list them.

5. Did you take any elective courses that are relevant to the job and that might

differentiate you from other applicants? If so, list them.

6. List in reverse chronological order (most recent job fi rst) the following information

for each job you’ve held during college: company name, job title, location (city and

state), and dates of employment. Describe your specifi c responsibilities in each

position. Use short phrases, beginning each responsibility with an action verb, and

showing, where possible, specifi c evidence of the results you achieved.

7. What additional information might you include, such as special skills, extracurricular

activities, volunteer work, languages spoken, and so on?