Strategic application in project management – activity 1

Read the Case 1.2    ”The Hokie Lunch Group” (  parts A, B and C at the end of  chapter 1 and response to the following questions in 500 wrods:Fatma settled down for lunch at the Yank Sing Chinese restaurant. She was early and took the time to catch up on her email. Soon she would be joined by Japser and Viktoria, two fellow grads from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. Japser worked as a software engineer for a start-up company that wanted to expand the boundaries of sharing economy. Viktoria was an electrical engineer who worked for a German healthcare company in San Francisco.(Rest of case not shown due to length.)

  1. For each part (A, B, and C) what phase of the project life cycle is each project in? Explain.
  2. What are two important things you learned about working on projects from the case? Why are they important?

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