Sort This Dataset Blindfolded

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 Let’s be like the magicians throwing daggers at audience members while blindfolded, and see how well we do when we have to process data without seeing the whole dataset. 

Attached is coordinate data, and even worse, its got missing pairs of coordinates.

Write code to read in this dataset, convert the coordinate data to a numeric array with three dimensions, cleans the dataset of coordinate pairs that are missing from any samples, and then sorts the data by the first x coordinate. Don’t worry about the group variable, but you might want to label the array with the sample IDs.

Please upload this code as a plain-text file, such as an R script. I’ll run it on the full dataset and we’ll see what happens. If it runs without error, you get full credit (10/10). If it mostly runs but it runs into a bug or two, you’ll get 8/10. If the code doesn’t get off the ground at all, or the code doesn’t even adequately try to take into account the steps that you needed to account for, you’ll get 0 – 7, depending on how much is understandable about what you were trying to get the code to do. In other words, please use copious amounts of commenting!