Social pschology paper 2 due by 10 pm tonight


Week 6 Assignment

Critical Thinking Exercise – Manufacturing Beauty


This assignment involves the critical analysis of a case study.  The case study subject is model Cindy Jackson,


The TCOs that are associated with this assignment are:

  • TCO 3 as it applies to psychological disorders and their effects on the self is a social world
  • TCO 9 as it applies to interpersonal attraction
  • TCO 13 as it applies to the role of the media



Explore Cindy Jackson’s official website at

Critically analyze the contents of the complete website

Based on your findings answer the following four questions:

1.                  What does your critical analysis of the website reveal to you about Cindy Jackson’s sense of her social self, her self-concept, her self-esteem and her self-presentation?

2.                  How does the physical attractiveness stereotype of interpersonal attraction factor into your findings about Cindy Jackson?

3.                  How does the mass media influence Cindy Jackson’s lifeworld?

4.                  What do you perceive that the theme of “manufacturing beauty” means?


Graded Product: 

1.           Write an essay presenting your critical analysis in an orderly and persuasive manner

2.           Whenever you use a course concept, very briefly describe it with a reference to Myers

3.           Using subheadings, address each of the four required questions

4.           Remember to use APA citations and include a References Cited section

5.           To do a good job on this assignment requires between 900-1200 words

6.           Make sure your solution has your name at the top of the document

7.           Spell and grammar check your document

8.           Submit through the Week 6 dropbox by 11:59 PM MT on Sunday of Week 6

9.           Grading:

a.    40 points -addressing each of the four required questions effectively

b.    25 points – demonstrating critical thinking

c.    10 points – editing

d.   15 points – proper APA citations

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