Research statement for quantum materiel | associate in engineering transfer option | Bunker Hill Community College

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My Name is Ghita Ridadarajat, and I am 23 years old. I am student Bunker Hill Community College, and I will be graduating this spring 2021. I am planning on transferring to University of Massachusetts for fall 2021.

The Question:

Please complete your Research Statement below. This statement should be concise and well-written. Your research statement is the part of your application that will persuade mentors and faculty that you are a good fit for the program. Please limit your statement to 300 words. Make sure you proofread your statement. If time permits, have someone look over your statement.

You may want to include the following: Why you are interested in science/engineering—what motivates you? Why are you interested in our particular program? Be explicit about which areas and specific projects fit your interests and WHY. What classes or prior experiences have sparked your curiosity and passion? If you are interested in working with a specific faculty member, please be sure to include this in your statement so that we can direct your application to them for review. 

For your reference, currently funded research areas and associated faculty can be found here: