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Research Proposal (200 pts.): Students will develop a proposal for a research study of their own design. This paper should be 10-14 pages long, double-spaced, and in APA format (7th ed.) In this paper students will include the following:

· Title Page – include your title, name, and university affiliation 

· Abstract – summarize the points of your main paper 

· Hypotheses – create at least two clear hypotheses based on a topic of your choosing 

· Literature Review –support your hypotheses through previous research studies (5-7 pages, with 5 sources from scientific journals only)

· Methods Section (3-5 pages) 

o Participants – provide descriptive statistics on the characteristics of those who you would like to be in the sample

o Measures – describe the questions/items/scales that are used to address your hypothesis. 

o Procedure/Data analysis – describe how the information would be collected and the research method; explain what type of analysis will be performed to address your hypothesis.

· Reference page 

NO class Presentation or visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint) are required. 

Ø  Use of Sources:  

Students are must utilize scholarly peer-reviewed articles. All sources should be formatted in APA style, 7th edition (see Purdue Owl guide above). 

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