Question: depth of anesthesia and the implication on spinal surgeries

Question: Depth of anesthesia and the implication on spinal surgeries 

-briefly list types of spinal/neuro surgery but focus on one specific type 

-combo of anesthetics and their impact on the surgeries

-adverse effects, positive and negative effects

-which IONM modalities are best and how these modalities contribute

-modalities are SSEPS, BAEPs, EEGs, EMGs, TceMEPs

-anesthetic impact on the IONM modalities

-must have original tables or graphs from findings in the documents, not copy and pasted from a research paper

The manuscript length is to be 5-7,000 words, and the number of references about 15-20. Following points are evaluated. 

1. Summary of existing knowledge about your selected topic (16%). 

2. Analysis and integration of data (a table and/or a figure that expresses your perspective) 


3. Formulation of limitations (4%). 

4. Conclusions (3 %). 

5. Consideration of racial, socioeconomic and other disparities (2%). 

6. Proposition for future investigations.(3%). 

7. Graphical presentation (tables, graphs) Quality of language; grammar (4%). 

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