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Question 1:

Using the Internet, locate TWO companies that provide VPN services. Compare the TWO different services offered. Include their services, pricing, and make a decision which VPN service would be best for your own personal use should you decide to make the purchase in the future.

Upload your research by clicking on the BLUE LINK ABOVE Complete this assignment using WORD or another text editor that is compatible with MS WORD. Also provide web links to all sites you use to conduct your research. 

Question 2: 12.1 List three design goals for a firewall. 12.2 List four techniques used by firewalls to control access and enforce a security policy. 12.3 What information is used by a typical packet filtering firewall? 12.4 What are some weaknesses of a packet filtering firewall? 12.5 What is the difference between a packet filtering firewall and a stateful inspection firewall? 12.6 What is an application-level gateway? 12.7 What is a circuit-level gateway? 12.9 What are the common characteristics of a bastion host? 12.10 Why is it useful to have host-based firewalls? 12.11 What is a DMZ network and what types of systems would you expect to find on such networks? 12.12 What is the difference between an internal and an external firewall?