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I need help with the below assignment it is due 5/4/16 1pm CST. No Plagirism. There needs to be a min of 3 pages and a reference page. Thank you in advance=)


Your Assignment




Finger has asked for your advice on how to keep his organization successful. He wants to have some sort of benchmark for how other boundaryless organizations in the tech sector stay competitive despite the challenges of so many workers heading in so many different directions. You will need to prepare a report for the company’s executive committee. Your report should read like a proposal to a corporate executive who has a great deal of knowledge about the technical aspects of his company but might not have much knowledge of organizational behavior.




When you write, make sure you touch on the following points:




CC-24.            Identify some of the problems likely to occur in a boundaryless organization like Newskool Grooves. What are the advantages of boundaryless organizations?




CC-25.            Consider some of the cultural issues that will affect a company operating in such different parts of the world and whose employees may not be representative of the national cultures of each country. Are the conflicts you observe a function of the different types of work people have to perform?




CC-26.            Based on what you know about motivation and personality, what types of people are likely to be satisfied in each area of the company? Use concepts from job characteristics theory and the merging social relationships perspective on work to describe what might need to change to increase employee satisfaction in all areas.




CC-27.            What types of human resources practices need to be implemented in this sort of organization? What principles of selection and hiring are likely to be effective? Which Big Five traits and abilities might Newskool supervisors want to use for selection?




CC-28.            What kind of performance measures might you want to see for each office?




CC-29.                        How can the company establish a socialization program that will maximize employee creativity and independence? Do employees in all its locations need equal levels of creativity?


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