Negotiation and Conflict Resolution(W6R2)

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 Week 6 Discussion 2by Roozer Tuladhar – Friday, 28 September 2018, 8:17 PM 

Negotiation is a very tricky subject. It requires a lot of planning and processing. There are several steps involved in proper negotiation. The first step is to analyze the negotiation topic. We need to know about the topic on which negotiation is being done. Then we need to assess the topic for the likelihood of success and failure. Furthermore, we need to gather data for the negotiation topic and get organized and meaningful information from it. Then we need to gather information about the other party. After all the analysis and collecting information, the next step is the actual negotiation or the bargaining step. In this step opposing parties present their views and argue over it. Once they come to a compromise, the negotiation is settled, and a concrete proof is obtained. There are techniques that help in the overall negotiation process

1) Brainstorming technique: Brainstorming technique is a thinking and analysis technique by which solutions or new ideas are found by a spur-of-the-moment group discussion (Boddy, 2012). It is a raw technique and unstructured. It is very useful during the early stages of negotiation process where one would have to assess and analyze the negotiation topic and come up with bargaining points. It is most useful during the actual bargaining stage where we would have to come up with points to counter the opponent party.

2) Delphi technique: It is a structured technique which involves getting a solution through questionnaire circulation (Kezar & Maxey, 2016). Once the problem is identified, then a questionnaire is created so that members can provide a solution anonymously. Once all the solutions are received, they are analyzed, and the best solution is picked (Kezar & Maxey, 2016).

3) Nominal group technique: This a type of brainstorming technique that helps people in making decisions. Members in the group provide ideas in front of others. After the ideas are presented, they are discussed, and it is put into vote to select the best one (Boddy, 2012).

These techniques are very helpful in negotiation process. They help the team in coming up with the best possible bargaining points and is useful in various stages of the negotiation process.

Read and respond to the above discussion. Write a 200 words response to the discussion. Use APA format throughout.