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  I believe that the Internet provides amazing resources and is a great way to truly get to know someone. That being said, I dont believe the statement “Having so much information available about people is helpful in all situations and from every perspective.” is always true. Although having resources like a Linkedin and even Facebook is a good way to get to know someone and build a judgement of that person, whether it is for hiring, dating, or just to make friends, it comes with some downsides as well. Everyone grows and changes, and somethings people leave in the past for a reason. I knew a few people from high school that applied for jobs and didn’t get hired because of a comment or picture they took years ago partaking in cannabis. Although it was illegal at the time and that may not be the “look” they want for their company, I do believe they should consider the fact that they aren’t those people anymore.  You cannot change the past, but just grow from it. But as an employers standpoint, I do think is a beneficial way to get to know the person you may hire and if you want that person to represent your company.