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The idea in these essays is not to cover all the topics below, but just to choose a concept and write about it for about one single page — that’s probably about a paragraph or two, but you should present as much detailed information in that space as you can. 

Here are the topics related to gamelan:

Describe some of the basic differences between gamelan styles of Java and Bali. You might include the overall effect/intention of each (for example, the difference between ramé and alus), or group instrumentation, playing techniques (and implements) and instrument sound qualities, the ensemble’s set-up, performance occasions and locations, the use/non-use of improvisation, etc.  What similarities are there between the two? 

OR: Describe how kotekan interlocking works — what are the names of its basic parts, and how do they fit together? 

OR: Describe paired tuning in gamelan gong kebyar music — how does it work? What physical/sound effect does it produce? How does gender play into this structure?