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Assignment Thompson Ch 9 Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability                                   

  • Media Research – “Tell me something I don’t know” article that might affect the attractiveness of that market
  • Select an article from any media source that might affect business – using Ch 9 concepts —  the company’s social responsibility and environmental sustainability
  • Use 2 L.O.s from Ch 9 to analyze the company’s management (each L.O. should have 3 examples at 100 words per example).
  • Apply the concepts toward your final paper.


THIS CHAPTER WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND:                    with audio

1. How the standards of ethical behavior in business are no different from the ethical standards and norms of the larger society and culture in which a company operates2. What drives unethical business strategies and behavior3. The costs of business ethics failures4. The concepts of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability and how companies balance these duties with economic responsibilities to shareholders