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Each class will set their own criteria and your instructor will post these into Blackboard under Phase 3. Most classes will use salary, education, passion, etc.; but you need to make sure you are using the exact criteria for your class. You will use the criteria to evaluate your careers. Step 2: Evaluation Matrix
Create an evaluation matrix in Excel that will let you compare the 3 careers side by side on each criterion. Refer to the tutorial presentation about creating an evaluation matrix if needed. What should be in the matrix is the 3 careers, the criteria to be used, how you personally weigh each criterion. Divide 100 points among the criteria, with the highest number of points going to the criteria that is most important to you.
Evaluation Matrix TutorialAttached Files:  Evaluation Matrix Example Criteria 17.pdf (188.588 KB)  Learn how an evaluation matrix is constructed. One of the most important parts is developing criteria that will be used in your evaluation. This presentation has some blank slides for you to practice coming up with criteria for various decisions (not the one that is the focus of your research project). Try coming up with your own criteria before looking at the completed presentation below. Step 3: Rate Criteria
Based on your research, rate each career on each criterion (on a scale of 1 to 100). Again, refer to the presentation about creating an evaluation matrix if needed. After you have rated all 3 careers, create Excel formulas to calculate weighted scores using a mixed cell reference. This will enable you to see which career scored best with the raw scores and then which career scored best with the weighted scores.
Step 4: Create a Chart
Create an Excel chart worksheet. The chart may be the style of your choice. It must give good information about the data in your worksheet. Name each worksheet in the workbook appropriately. Submit your file with both worksheets into the Blackboard assignment for this phase.