IFT 194 CH7

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1-    Write the instruction to increment a variable by 1.

2-    Write the instruction to accumulate a variable A.

3-    Name the three types of loop structures?

4-    State the major differences in the three types of loop structures.

5-    Write the equation to find the product of a group of numbers entered into the variable A each time through a loop .

6-    The last stop boutique is having a five-day sale. Each day, starting on Monday, the price will drop 10% of the previous day’s price. For example, if the original price of a product is $20.00, the sale price on Monday would be  $18.00 (10% less than the original price). On Tuesday, the sale price would be $16.20, (10% less than Monday). On Wednesday, the sale price would be %14.58; on Thursday, the sale price would be $13.12; and on Friday the sale price would be $11.81. develop a solution that will calculate the price of an item for each of the five days, given the original price. Test the solution for an item costing $10.00


# write the pseudo code first and then write a Python function that will take an initial item price and return that

item’s price at the end of the week.Test this with the initial price of $10.00