I have case for mgt class


  • i have case questions for 6 pages and i will attach the book for the case.Also i have tow worksheet and i send it to your email to see it.



Tesla Case Questions

1.     Who are Tesla’s competitors? How attractive is its industry? Why have there been so few new entrants into the industry in the last 50 years? (Use a Porter’s 5 Forces framework to help answer these questions).

2.     What resources and capabilities does Tesla have that are likely to help it succeed in the future? Which of these are likely to give it a competitive advantage over its rivals? (Use a VRIO framework to help answer these questions).

3.     How can Tesla use its resources and capabilities to take advantage of future opportunities? (Do a quick PEST analysis to identify future opportunities. And then do a full SWOT to formulate strategies).




Detail for Tesla Case Questions

Case write ups give you the opportunity to more fully develop your ability to conduct a detailed analysis that integrates information from the case, lessons from lectures and textbook, and what you have learned from previous classes. You will be responsible for doing formal case write-ups for two of the cases analyzed in this course. See the class schedule for due dates. The link for the casebook will be provided about a third of the way through semester


1. Case write-ups should be 4-8 pages, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins. 2. Appendices are allowed and are not constrained by the page limit. Appendices should support your written analysis and be referred to in the text. 3. Case write-ups are to done in paragraph form. Case write ups done in bullet or outline form WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 4. Case write-ups should be uploaded to Blackboard prior to the start of class on the due date. Cases submitted by hand, by email, or after the start of class WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.