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Question 1

Calculate the slope and intercept of the first order equation y=mx+b  ->  deg_c = m * deg_f + b

Here is the spreadsheet  https://github.com/ml1150258/2019_Spring_CIS_CSC_17c/tree/master/Hmwk/CurveFitLab (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 

Write a program/project in Netbeans using the same concepts as the  spreadsheet.  You can copy the degrees Fahrenheit column and place in a  file.  Then copy the column with error values included for degree  Celsius.  Calculate the slope and intercept for the data using the  formulas in the spreadsheet.

Question 2


Create abstract classes to inherit, show polymorphic behavior and  operator overloading.  I have written the .h and main.cpp files for  you.  Complete by writing the .cpp class files.