Homework assignment

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Each student will create a paper that provides feedback on the content in the textbook and


their personal reflection in the class. The assignment is due Sunday, December 8 . The

wordcount for this assignment is a minimum of 600 words (for content only). Please be sure to submit original work only along with a cover page and a brief summary or conclusion at the end.

This homework assignment has two paragraphs and a brief conclusion or summary: Paragraph 1.

List which chapter in your textbook provided you with the best insight of the class topic “Emerging Threats and Countermeasures”. Explain why you selected this chapter, its topic and provide details on the benefits or knowledge you acquired. (Minimum 300 words)

Paragraph 2.

Describe how this class has helped prepare you for future classes in the program. If this is your last class, then you can provide feedback on how to make this class better. (Minimum 300 words)