History Film Review

July 30, 2019
Discussion: Need-Based Theories and Emotions
July 30, 2019

History Film Review

History Film Review

  1. Film Review: Please choose one of the following films to watch:

a. 12 Years a Slave

b. Glory

c. The Grapes of Wrath

d. Saving Private Ryan

e. Mississippi Burning

In a well-crafted 3 page response, please discuss the film within the context of the course, identifying the important themes as they pertain to our broader understanding of American history. This review should not focus on whether you enjoyed the film or not but, rather, should analyze the importance of this movie as part of your understanding of American history. Quality responses should reference scenes and themes from the film as well as appropriate readings from the class itself.

Please note that the instructor may add or change readings during the quarter.

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