For this milestone, take your case report from psy 622 and prepare a

For this milestone, take your case report from PSY 622 and prepare a psychological assessment report that demonstrates use of objective testing data. How do classic and contemporary psychology theories support the claims you have made in your diagnostic consultation?

Make sure your assessment report accounts for the many possible avenues for gathering evidence in legal situations. You will likely rely on memory in some way, so make sure to discuss any limitations that you will bring to your assessment report. If possible, include measures that you learned about in your previous courses as protective mechanisms against the use of memory. Also, make sure you explain why you are using the assessments you selected. This information is often very important should the report be used in a legal proceeding.

Note: Do not simply cut and paste your assessment choices from PSY 622. Incorporate the feedback given to you in that course and expand or change your assessment choices in order to best fit the current scenario. Remember you were hired by a law firm to create the final report.

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