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Hello SolutionsPro, This is Week 2 Comp 102 assignment. Thank you

Part I DB:

For your discussion board lab for Week 2, you will visit the Web site found here . Investigate the popular topics and the Word templates that you find on the site. While visiting the site, focus on the information about Word. Look for more information than the first item you come across. Look for information that interests you and that you did not know about Word.

After your research is complete, come back to the Discussion Board and post 1 to 2 items that you found interesting about Word. This can be about Word options you were not aware of or Word templates that are valuable.

Your primary post should be 2 paragraphs in length. A paragraph should be at least 3 sentences (though it can be more). At the end for your post, share where you obtained your information by using an APA reference of the Web site. You can list more if you wish. Cite in APA format anything that you get from outside sources. You do not need a cover sheet on this assignment. Your reference should appear at the end of your post.

Part II Response to classmate DB:

David Hollingsworth Content Controls and Collapsible Headings  


          Though I have used Microsoft Office Word professionally for many years, there are always new possibilities that inspire creative new workflow options. In my search for something new, the first thing I found was a template for a school bus seating chart (School Bus Seating Chart, n.d.). The document contains a simple picture inserted on the page with text boxes inserted on top of approximations of the benches on a 10 seat bus (School Bus Seating Chart, n.d.). This was all fairly basic for my previous experience, however what I had not used before was the way this template managed the text for each field. In order to manage and more easily arrange people’s assigned seating on the bus, this template used content controls inside the text boxes. A content control is basically a drop down box that allows you to select the content that is displayed in the field (Content Controls, n.d.). In order to set the options, you must first input them in the properties of the control under the “Design” ribbon (Content Controls, n.d.). Once all options are entered, you can simply go through all the content controls and select the appropriate option rather than retyping each entry. This allows for moving people around easier if needed.




          In my search, I also found a new feature in Microsoft Office Word 2013 that I am excited to use in the future as I don’t have Office 2013 yet. In the newest version of the software, use of headings in a document will become much more prevalent and beneficial. Currently, unless you are linking a table of contents or using bookmarks, headings are not much more useful than simply changing the font settings. In the 2013 version, headings will be automatically collapsible (Video: Collapsible Headings, n.d.). This means that if you set up a document with headings, you can minimize and restore sections of your document individually (Video: Collapsible Headings, n.d.). This feature will be tremendously helpful to me professionally in trying to organize large procedural documents.




Hopefully you learned as much from my post as I learned in researching. Thanks for reading.










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