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Here is my idea of what I want to discuss. 

For the multimodal project I am going to be revising and using my Think Piece essay. My Think Piece topic I selected is Internet of Things in vehicles which are an emerging technology that is taking the world by storm. In as much it is a good thing to progress and attain better milestones; it is also good to be cautious of the negative effects that are likely to emanate from the advancements.I plan to turn this topic into google slides or infographic. This  will include visuals and or some statistics to draw the viewer in and other graphics to display visual representation of the importance of driving should not have any distractions to avoid accidents. Hence, vehicles should not have inbuilt communication devices that are likely to take away the attention of the driver from the road. The selected topic is relevant and important to the current global challenge of increased deaths through road accidents that have been on the rise.


I want to make a couple of clarifications based on some questions I have already received. This project will not be a “live” presentation; you are not being asked to go live on Zoom (or any other app) and actually do a presentation for the class. You may “present” your work in the form of a video, a PowerPoint slide show, an audio recording, a graphic novel that you create, or any of the other media that I described in the previous module. So, for example, if you created a PowerPoint presentation, you could either just submit the presentation by itself, or you could submit it along with a video or audio of you talking. It’s up to you. I will accept whatever you think is best for presenting your project. (If you’re doing a PowerPoint presentation that is full of pictures, remember you can add text to the “Notes” area with what you would say, if you were presenting it “live.” Or, you can just include text on the slides themselves.) Also, last week’s suggestion of around 8 minutes for an audio/video recording is just a suggestion. If you only need 5 minutes, that is fine too. I don’t think I would go below 5 however.

Also Remember: along with the Multimodal Presentation Project you will also be required to submit one additional short piece of writing. This will be a 400-500 word Reflection on what you did “multimodally” and why. You must describe why you made the decisions you did about your multimodal composition, and explain why you think they might be effective for your audience.