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Please complete the below assignments, attached are pages from the textbook which contains the assignments and the data that’s needed to complete the assignment.  Please review the assignment and attachments and ensure that you can complete the assignment and that you do not have any additonal questions before sending a shake.

Excel Assignments Due

Project Name Page

Chapter 1 Practice Lab1-0

In the Lab 1

In the Lab 2

Chapter 2 Practice Lab 2-0

In the Lab 1

In the Lab 2

Chapter 3 Practice Lab 3-0

In the Lab 2

Filename format: Use this format when you save your files or assignments

Chapter # Lab# Title Page# (Chapter 1 Save Sable River Foundation ppt3)

All pages must have class footer (Your name, Class, Chapter #, In the lab # Filename & page # in the book) This is absolutely a requirement