excel assig 2

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Use the template to record and calculate the costs of the school materials you purchased for this quarter.
First, in the Title Page worksheet, enter the following information: Type your name in cell B1. Type in the course section you are in cell B2. (For example: CIS105111) Type your professor’s name in cell B3.Type the title of the assignment in cell B4. Type the title (“Excelling with Excel”) of the assignment in cell B4. Rename the worksheet to “Overview.” Change the font type for this information to Century Gothic. Change the font size for this information to 14 point. Search for the school supplies you purchased at Amazon, Office Depot, Staples, or some other store. Find ten supplies that you purchased. You can include textbooks, lab code fees, and paper supplies such as notepads, planners, pens, pencils, highlighters, etc. Go to Sheet 3. This will be where you add your list of school supplies. Type a title in cell A1. (For example: “School Supply Costs” or “My School Purchases.”) Format cell A1, so the font type is Calibri Light (Headings), the font size is 20-point, and the font color is one of your choosing. Enter the following labels in the cells specified: Cell A2: School Supplies Cell B2: Quantity CellC2: Price Cell D2: Total Cost Make the font size 16 point and bold these labels. Column A: School Supplies In cells A3 through A12, enter the names of the ten (10) school supplies that you purchased. (If you didn’t buy 10 supplies, list what you would have purchased or will purchase next term.) Auto fit the contents of column A so you can see the name of each supply item name. Format cells A3 through A12 so the text is 16-point Calibri Light (Headings) and the font color is orange. Column B: Quantity In column B enter the Quantity for each of the supplies. For example, will you need four (4) notebooks? Set the width of column B to 11.5”. Format cells B3 through B12 so the text is 16-point Calibri Light (Headings) and the font color is brown. Column C: Price Enter the price for each school supply item. For example, a single notebook costs $5. Expand column C so you can see all of your costs. Format cells C3 through C12 so the font is Arial, the font size is 14-point, and the font color is dark blue. Column D: Total costs Use >the multiplication function to determine the total cost for each item. Hint: In D3, the formula would be (=B3*C3). Fill in cells D4 through D12 to calculate the total cost of the other supplies. Format cells D3 through D12 so the font is Arial Bold, the font size is 14-point, and the font color is Dark Blue. Now, rename Sheet 3 to “School Supplies.” Create a pie chart: In the School Supplies worksheet, select the range “School Supplies” and “Total Costs.” Insert a pie chart that displays the school supply items and the total cost for each item. Select the pie chart view that shows the dollar amounts for each item. Add a title to your chart so the title is above the chart (can be found in “Chart Formatting”). Add data labels to the pie chart that shows the total price for each item. Position the chart so it does not overlap with the data in column A, column B, and column C. Review the assignment for accuracy. Note: Delete the WK8_A2_Overview and WK8_A2_Instructions sheet before you submit this assignment for grading. (Left click on each sheet to delete.)