Employee Record

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Your software development company wants to continue developing and enhance a software for internal use. The Software Development Company is now requesting that you add GUI/Windows form elements to the C# application.

  Describe the design of your program. Include a flow chart or a UML Class diagram if you feel it will help you.

Include your source code here. 

This needs to be a paste of the text. Only include the code that you wrote. Not all of the Form code.

The following requirement list:

You are creating a Windows Forms Application using C# that reads a file of employees and loads it into an array.  Each record in the file needs to be loaded into an Developer Records Sub Class which has a super class of Employee Record.  Employee Tax type should be an object within Developer Records class and either be W2 or 1099.  Your program should have the following characteristics: Compile and execute without errors Meet specifications by demonstrating file handling, array data structure manipulation, and console output mastery by accomplishing the following: Read employees’ data from a file Input the data into an array data structure Display the employees’ data on a Windows Form ( for this assignment you can load the data into a list box, but in future assignments, you will want to load the data into a data grid) Logic flow is clear, concise, and effective User inputs and outputs should be clear on screen Validation for input types and data format Appropriate indentation to logically illustrate program structure Identifiers logically describe use Naming conventions are consistent Comments and headers to explain processing that is not obvious