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The three topics in educational technology that I think are hot are: 

1. Computational thinking

Computational thinking (CT) is not, at this point an idea talked about just in software engineering or coding classes. Instructors are finding that calculation believing is a cross-disciplinary expertise and is similarly as significant in language expressions and math classes. Instructors are getting talented at consolidating CT segments like disintegration, summing up, algorithmic reasoning, assessment and deliberation – regardless of the branch of knowledge. Together, these means show understudies the establishments of how to move toward an issue and tackle it utilizing thinking, imagination and articulation, just as giving another approach to exhibit content information.

2. ELearning (Distance Learning)

Distance learning also called eLearning became one of the biggest trends in the world in 2020 and still seems to be one of the top ways schools are teaching kids today. With school closures it led to a rising demand for educational technology. The way I came to know about this was based off of firsthand experience. I have been doing online classes since I started my Associates, however, when Covid-19 hit my grandkids were force to do online schooling as well as well as most children around the world. Parents were force to work from home, while teachers were force to teach from home. I think eLearning is going to be around for a very long time with more advancements to come. 

3. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR 

In the past there were no talks about AR and VR in schools or weather students would ever get the chance to experience it other than a college base setting. However, since classrooms are going through changes; so are the way children are being taught. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are in demand since experiential learning is now on the rise. More and more schools are starting to incorporate methods of teaching that help students in the classroom and in the real world. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) help enhance students learning by offering real life platforms by given students real imagery to help students with hands-on assignments. Students are able outfit their imagination to create relics of their learning taking all things together curricular territories utilizing these devices.

Compose three paragraphs describing the people, groups, websites, and organizations you need in your PLN to help you stay current with the above three educational technology trends and issues that are identified in the Discussion.

Once you have made this identification, modify your infographic from Module 1.

This module’s submission should include the following:

· Cover page

· Page 1: Revised infographic (single-page illustration presented within a Word document (e.g., a “.jpg” file inserted into a page))

· Page 2–3: Three paragraphs answering the Assignment prompt.

· Page 4: References: Include all of your references using APA formatting.

· Page 5: Paste the rubric for this Assignment at the end of this document. Assess your Assignment, Shaping Yourself as a Member of the Educational Technology Community, using the center column on the Assignment rubric.