Discussion(Subject name: current and Emerging Technology)

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Matter below:

This part of the quiz asks you to create two essay questions and associated answers derived from the assigned chapter of the WAR textbook. You have from assignment open date/time to close date/time to complete this part of the Quiz. No extra time to complete the exam will be permitted.

This Quiz needs to reference, specifically, the materials in Chapter 5 of the assigned WAR textbook (Emerging Technologies and Public Policy: Lessons from the Internet). The Q/A content needs to be scholarly (with citations) and must not be plagiarized in any form (zero grade). I recommend students thoroughly review Lessons one through ten of the assigned chapter as well as references to current internet issues (see scholars.google.com – is a good starting point).

Questions below:

1) What are the Four Traps associated with Scenario Planning?

2) How the Scenario planning designed to address complex and uncertain challenges facing companies in face of emerging Technologies?