Current event microeconomics | Economics homework help


Timeframe for article February 15 – February 25, 2020.  Select an article and write a one page full summary about the article  and how it relates to macroeconomics ( apply economic concepts to the  article within your summary). The original article with the date must be  attached.  You must include the month, day, and year that the  article was published in order to receive full credit.  Weblinks to the  article are not acceptable. 

Write a full one-page summary of the article and how it relates to macroeconomics.  The summary should be typed, doubled spaced and 12-inch font with the original article attached (web links are not acceptable, see Canvas 101 to attach an article).  The article must be current and must show the original date. In your summaries, you will be expected to describe what you have read in simple language organized into coherent sentences and paragraphs.  If you make serious spelling, grammar or syntax errors, five or ten points will be taken off your grade.    


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