Course Project

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This course project provided you with an opportunity to investigate an emerging technology of your choice and to analyze the feasibility of applying the technology to a business scenario of your choice.

Now is the time to assemble the final version of your Emerging Technology Analysis Report and to submit it for evaluation. 

Your final report will be developed as a feasibility study that includes SWOT analysis and must: demonstrate a thorough assessment of the emerging technology being examined using analysis methodologies introduced in the course include the following elements, with section-headings clearly indicated: Title Page Executive Summary Table of Contents Introduction Purpose / Scope History Methodology (including SWOT Analysis) Current Systems and Processes / Environment Issues Assumptions and Constraints Objectives Alternatives Comparison of Alternatives Conclusions Recommendations References Appendix be supported by research from at least 4 (preferably more) credible resources include APA formatted in-text citations and provide corresponding APA references at the end of the report

I’ve attached all the reports that need to be merged and made into one document.