CMGT 555 WK 3 DQ 1

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When developing system requirements, it is very important that they be written in a way that will allow for specific design and development steps. Poorly written requirements may lead to ambiguity, resulting in missing a stakeholder’s expectations.

Develop one complete system requirement for one of the following activities: Option A: Making a withdrawal at an ATM. Option B: Using your charge card for a meal at a restaurant. Option C: Buying a stock using an online brokerage account. Option D: Searching for books (on a specific topic) using an online bookstore.

In your response, consider attributes that comprise a solid system requirement, as well as the result of requirements that do not meet quality attributes.

Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, consider adding another attribute that makes it a solid system requirement, or suggest another way to write the system requirement.


Option C: Buying a stock using an online brokerage account.

The developing system requirements might be for this activities: Encrypted website for end user to login into their brokerage account Optional second level verification i.e. security question Display a dashboard of current brokerage summary Display an index of current stock option with link to explore more detail Display subtab to show more detail i.e. Summary Tab, Asset Tab, Transaction Tab, Loss/Gain Tab Search box with autofill drop down list of different Stock option Optional custom watchlist, let user keep an eye on research stocks  Text box to input number of stock willing to purchase Text box to input cost amount willing to purchase Display option on email receipt of stock purchase Display research tool for additional help to user Provide link to current wall street journal for further research

These are the requirement that came to mind for this option. There might be more requirement from the back end as far as exchange server with the trade floor. 


Option B: Using your charge card for a meal at a restaurant. User must have the option to see his/her transaction detail on a monitor User must have the option on the pin pad either credit or debit option User should have the option to provide a percentage of his/her purchase as tip Once the transaction has been approved the user should have the option to choose electronic receipt or printed receipt.


System Requirement for making a withdrawal at ATM

Insert card with encrypted chip for verification

Once card is verified from bank- requested PIN # option comes up

Person enters pin number (if unsuccessful re-enter up to 3x) if not successful card is put on security hold until user can verify security information at bank

Pin entered correctly- person can withdrawal money or check balances

Option for printed receipt

Transaction complete