cloud computing

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 Week 2,3,4 completed….need help with week 5


Week 5:

Reference your assignments from Week Two, Week Three, and Week Four.

Cloud computing is a collection of individual technologies that become one integrated technology for deployment.

Create a 3-page process map using Visio® showing the various components of cloud computing and who has responsibility for the implementation and support of the cloud. Additionally, include basic cloud essentials, security, virtualization and databases. Be detailed with the use of text boxes, directional lines and text boxes with overview statements as needed to ensure clarity about your presentation of information.

Note: Responsible parties can include vendors, in-house IT, outsourced IT, security team, or hybrid group. You may also use free software, such as LucidChart, instead of Visio®.

Week 2:

As a consultant for an IT company, your retail client is having trouble envisioning components of their proposed cloud environment. Your manager has tasked you with creating a diagram which provides a visual of the different components involved in the virtualization process.

Create a 1- to 2-page diagram using Visio® describing the different components involved in the virtualization process, such as virtual machine (VM) images, the hypervisor, and the virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM).

Note: You may also use free software, such as LucidChart, instead of Visio®.

Week 3: 

You are a new database administrator for a large credit card processing company that is moving toward virtualization. One of your first tasks is to research Database Storage and Cloud Computing in order to create a job aid for new direct reports.

Using Microsoft® Word, create a 4-page job aid for new direct reports explaining the following: Types of databases Cloud infrastructure mechanisms Foundational cloud architectures The amount of storage used by your company The potential interfaces used in accessing the data Security technologies for data at rest in the cloud

Week 4:

Your organization has a company newsletter. The lead for this newsletter has asked you to write a high-level, IT-related, engaging article which the entire company will read. Remembering there have been several new hires who recently joined your organization, you decide to write about cyber security.

Write a 2-page article using Microsoft® Word for publishing in the company newsletter on cyber security. This article should provide the following: Background on cyber security Security fundamentals in the cloud Recommendations on selecting a security modality