case: the army crew teamsubject area: group identity, team

 Case: The Army Crew TeamSubject Area: Group Identity, Team Performance

  • An APA formatted paper, which should include a cover page, five pages of content, and a references page, should be written to answer the following questions regarding the case:
    • Why does the Varsity team lose to the JV team?
    • What should Coach P. have done differently earlier in the season to resolve this problem? At exactly what point should he have intervened differently?
    • At the end of the case, what action should Coach P. have taken on Tuesday? Why do you recommend this action? How should he implement this action? Please be specific.
    • How would you compare the Army Crew team to other types of organizational teams? What are the similarities and differences?
    • What are lessons that this case provides?
    • How can those lessons be applied as a Project Manager?

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