Business Reporting

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Diagram a distributed database environment in Microsoft® Visio® using the Appendix A document (Attached)

Include the following in your diagram: A production database A data warehouse Two data marts  Security and maintenance elements annotated in your first diagram

Create a 3-page summary in Microsoft® Word that: Identifies and discusses the database tables used to create your distributed database environment Identifies and discusses three SQL queries to develop reports from the data query list in the case study Explains the typical operation of a data warehouse and data marts, along with operational considerations and constraints Discusses how DreamHome could benefit from data mining and how OLAP and data mining applications could be applied to the DreamHome data model. Includes the SQL statements for each of the required queries and screenshots showing the query results A thorough explanation of the process you used to determine the data types used in each table An explanation of the most difficult process in designing and building the data and how organizations can overcome these difficulties