Business case study | Marketing homework help

As our book touches on this week, brand identity plays an important role in positioning products and 

companies in the minds’ of consumers. In gaining a deeper appreciation for the importance of 

developing a positive brand identity and related marketing strategy, you are going to focus on the 

globally recognized personal care products of Dove® and will address questions related to a real-world 

case study on the Brand. For starters, you can discover more about the Brand by going to their website 

at the following address: 

You will then learn more about the marketing and branding challenges of Dove, by reading the case 

study on page 224 – 225 of our ebook. Once you do this and complete your additional outside research, 

address the following questions: (please note the questions here are slightly different than those in 

the ebook and you should only address the questions that follow here.) 

1. The Dove Real Beauty campaign used a unique message to successfully market its products, but 

beneath that message was the effective understanding of basic marketing fundamentals. What 

are those fundamentals? 

2. As a result of its Real Beauty marketing campaign, Dove’s sales soared and it attracted many 

new customers. What can the Company do to retain these customers? 

3. If a brand is a promise, what does the Dove brand promise its customers? 

4. What can a company that sells services, rather than commodities, take away from Dove’s 


5. Building upon the business you would like to open up, what would differentiate your brand from 



APA Requirements & 2 pages plus references