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For this assignment, you’re going to continue building on the website we discussed in Week 1. If you recall, during Week 1 we spent some time talking about a website for the Downtown Restaurant. This week, you will create the first two pages, home.html and contact.html.  Now, you have been asked to add a level of personalization to your website to improve the user experience for your customers. To do this, management has asked you to greet the customers by their first and last name and also display the current weather where they live. You will do this by creating a cookie that stores the customer’s name and location, and you will use that information to customize the contact page. When they first login, the users will be greeted by the information stored in the cookie. Be sure when you add these elements they flow well with your established UI (User Interface).

Virtual Session_WK2_PRG250pptx.PPTX

Assignment Instructions: Add a cookie to your website that contains the customer’s name and location. Use the sessionStorage property to display the current date on the page along with the day of the week. Use the cookie to display the customer’s name on the contact page. Use the cookie to display the weather where the customer lives. Use comments within the home page of your website to indicate the changes made. Include the name of the cookie you are using and the information you are storing. Provide at least one image on one of your pages. Provide at least one URL on one of your pages. Provide 3-5 meta tags between the two pages.

Submission Requirements: Submit the html files that you modified and include a MS Word document with the code used to create and retrieve the information from your cookie. Submit all of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and image files as a compressed (.zip) file.

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