Building a webpage | Computer Science homework help


  • Prompt
     For this assignment, you’re going to make additional enhancements to  your website. As we have learned, generating traffic to your website is  important in helping to drive users and generate advertising revenue.
    Assignment Instructions:
     Create two additional pages for your website. This should result in a  homepage, with three additional pages. One, contact.html, you created  earlier in this module. Add two other pages. Suggestions might include  menu.html, history.html, owners.html, descriptionofdish.html, etc.  Basically, you can select the two additional pages to complete your  website. Include the requirements on these two pages to comply with the  requirements of the first two pages you created.
    Submission Requirements: Using what you have learned  this week, add an advertisement to your website. The advertisement  should be placed on the home page of your website and should not be  distracting to your users. The advertisement should be for a product  that is consistent with the overall design and theme of your website.
  • Submit all the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and image files as a compressed (.zip) file.
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