Assignment on Data Flow Diagram

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Create a data flow diagram of some system.  Can use a real world example or a hypothetical one.   Write a summary explaining the data flow diagram and trust boundaries.   Using STRIDE with the Data Flow Diagram, provide a list of threats against the model.  The list should include which element of the mnemonic they represent (spoofing, tampering, etc.)

The submissions will be reviewed by SafeAssign to ensure that there isn’t any plagiarism.  Any and all submissions that are noted as such will be given a score of 0.   


Express these concepts in own words.   

The requirements are:

1.       1. Complete a Data Flow Diagram.

2.       2. Provide a summary of the diagram. 

3.       3. Using STRIDE, identify threats. 

4.       4. The submission must be in the form of a Microsoft Word document.