ASP.NET programming

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Create an ASP.Net form for an online survey application that stores the data in a database. You must create a page to show the contents stored in the database! 

Web Forms App Detailed Specs: 

Create the following pages: 

1. An .aspx page named index.aspx that accepts the results of an online survey. Use your imagination to create an interesting organization and application form. Include a validator control for each textbox on the form. Include at least one RegularExpressionValidator control. The information must be stored in a database table. Your page should contain at least 8 fields. Two fields have to be a control other than a textbox (Checkbox, RadioButton etc.) 

2. An .aspx page named view-applications.aspx that allows the user to view all the survey result details. 

3. Use an external style sheet to style your pages 


Submit a zip file on D2L using this naming convention:, where Smith is your last name. The zip file should include: 

Any assignment that does not use Entity Framework will receive a 0. 

Grading Breakdown  Applications that don’t compile get a 0!
  Any assignment that does not use Entity Framework will receive a 0!
  Functionality: 20%
  Context / Model Design: 20%
  Creativity: 20%,
  Well Written: 10%
  Comments: 10%
  Indentation: 10%,
  Submitted Correctly: 5%
  Style Sheet : 5%