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Please Read the Instructions Carefully in the body of this post and in the Project 9.docx, Project 10.docx files attached below.

Also Attached  the required ppt slides and textbook for reference

Discussion-1 400  words minimum (topic : Cloud Application Security ):

APA Format, need References

Microsoft adheres to a defense-in-depth principle to ensure protection of its cloud services, such as Microsoft Office 365. Built-in security features include threat protection to reduce malware infections, phishing attacks, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and other types of security threats.

Answer the following question(s):

Would an organization need to apply security controls to allow safe use of those applications? Why or why not?

Discussion-2 400  words minimum (topic : Incident Response Communication  ):

APA Format, need References

Communication is a key part of a successful incident response plan. Assume you are the CSIRT team lead of a large corporation that just experienced a significant security breach.

Answer the following question(s): Should you inform the chief executive officer (CEO) immediately when the breach is discovered? Why or why not?

                     2. Should customers be informed immediately? Why or why not?

 Assignments ( minimum 3 pages content each):

APA Format, need References,  Font: Arial, size 12, double-space

Assignment Question is attached below  (file names: Project 9.docx, Project 10.docx)