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Answer the following prompts:

1.What are the typical elements of a Gothic church?

2. How did architecture change from the Romanesque to Gothic period?

3. Why is the Cathedral of Notre Dame (Notre-Dame de Reims, France) an example of a great Gothic cathedral?

4. Why do you think the public was so distraught and effected by the Notre Dame Fire of 2019?

5. Why should (or should not) Art and Architecture be preserved and/or rebuilt?

  • Include no less than 3 image examples that support your arguments
  • Word count: at least 750 words 
  • MLA Formatting, including captions on your images. 
  • Must have at least 3 references
  • Artworks must be chosen that reflect art/architecture from the Roman, Gothic, and/or Contemporary images from the Notre dame fire.

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