Argument map i assignment for philosophy


Argument Map Assignment

Write an outline of arguments and of objections and replies formulated in John , pages 1-17. 

To write the outline of arguments, consider using the of argument maps that , page 73

Suggestions: Weirob’s main argument is on page 4. A less developed argument is on page 3. Miller offers two examples to support his view. Those examples are used to articulate the premises of his argument, starting with bottom of page 6. Various aspects of the examples are repeated, yet what is important is the idea invariant in those repetitions. You might want to re-read the section on arguments from the textbook before working on this assignment. 


1. Outline should state at the beginning the thesis, i.e., the main idea that is argued for in the text. That idea is supported by several other subsidiary ideas and examples. Because we have two characters with opposing views, there are two theses argued for in the dialogue. 

2. Formulate Weirob’s argument supporting her theses. 

3. Formulate Miller’s argument supporting his theses.

4. Articulate the ideas, objections, and the replies formulated in support of arguments already formulated or to show that some of the premises, or the conclusions of those arguments are false.

5. When presenting the examples, state what idea or objection they illustrate.

6. Avoid irrelevant information.

7. Follow the model below for writing the argument outline. 

8. Upload work that you are proud of.