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Literature Review

Submit detailed literature review of the selected analytical theory/concept/tool and its applications in the context of the selected project. You may want to review the syllabi, books and other resources for relevant courses you completed. Your response should reflect your understanding of the concepts, their practical applications and descriptions of tools used to analyze data. Please make sure your responses are clear, concise and specific to the topics. Support them with appropriate citations using APA format. Your final document should contain a minimum of 18-20 sources of which 10-12 should be from peer-reviewed journals. 

If you need assistance with locating articles in the library, here are some important links:

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Getting Started with Library Research

Finding Articles Using Summon

Finding Articles Using Subscription Databases

Finding Articles Using Journal Search

These are all fairly short videos and should help you get up and running in the library. If you need additional assistance, you can use the Ask a Librarian feature or send a message to your faculty.