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Chapter 7 #1
Create a class named Pizza. Data fields include a string for toppings (such as pepperoni), an integer for diameter in inches (such as 12), and a double for price (such as 13.99). Include properties to get and set values for each of these fields. Create a class named TestPizza that instantiates one Pizza object and demonstrates the use of the Pizza set and get accessors. Save this class as TestPizza.cs.
Chapter 7 #3
Create a class named Circle with fields named radius, area, and diameter. Include a constructor that sets the radius to 1. Also include public properties for each field. The Radius property should have get and set accessors, but Area and Diameter should be read-only. The set accessor for the radius should also provide values for the diameter and area. (The diameter of a circle is twice its radius; the area is pi multiplied by the square of the radius. You can use the public Math class property Math. PI for the value of pi.) Create a class named TestCircles whose Main( ) method declares three Circle objects. Assign a small radius value to one Circle and assign a larger radius value to another Circle. Do not assign a value to the radius of the third circle; instead, retain the value assigned at construction. Display the radius, diameter, and area for each Circle. (Display the area to two decimal places.) Save the program as TestCircles.cs.
Unit 4 Chapter 7 #4
Create a class named Square that contains fields for area and the length of a side and
whose constructor requires a parameter for the length of one side of a Square. The
constructor assigns its parameter to the length of the Square’s side field and calls a
private method that computes the area field. Also include read-only properties to get a Square’s side and area. Create a class named DemoSquares that instantiates an array of 10 Square objects with sides that have values of 1 through 10. Display the values for each Square. Save the class as DemoSquares.cs.