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 Computer programming. algorithms. required inputs, outputs, and temporary variables needed, and correct pseudo-code and narrative descript? The Yuma police department has compiled a data file on all speeding violations during the last year in the Yuma area that, for reporting purposes, is divided into four quadrants. For each driver involved in a speeding violation, a record is prepared containing the following data: VIN, quadrant, speed limit, actual speed Design an algorithm to produce two reports. First give a listing of speeding fines collected, where the fine is calculated as the sum of court costs ($200) plus $9.50 for every mile per hour by which the speed limit was exceeded. Prepare a report with the one line heading (goes before any other printing): Speeding Violations Report and print out the following information for each violation VIN: Fine: This report is to be followed by a second report, in which an analysis of violations by quadrant is given. For each of the four quadrants give the number of violations and the total fines collected for the quadrant. A VIN of 0 is to be used as the sentinel value.